Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

While windshield glass can be repaired, a chip or crack on any of the other glasses warrants a total replacement. The glass used in these windows is tempered glass, made by a special thermal manufacturing process, and breaks into small rounded pieces on impact. Even a small chip or crack means that the entire glass must be replaced.

While vehicle owners will commonly get the windshield fixed, they tend to neglect any damage to the side glasses. However, you should see to it that these glasses are also in top notch condition- as otherwise your driving safety can be compromised. At Auto Glass Ontario, you know that your vehicle is in safe hands. Our expert technicians provide you with a complete auto glass replacement service that is quick and efficient and is carried out in line with your convenience.

The Auto Glass Ontario team is well known for its professionalism and courtesy. After inspecting your vehicle and before undertaking the work, they will give you an estimate of the cost and timeframe, and will assist you with cumbersome insurance formalities. The work execution will be carried out efficiently using glass that is to OEM (or equivalent) specifications. The rest of the glasses will be inspected and you will be advised as to how the car should be maintained. In case of window glasses, we ensure that all mechanisms and functioning is perfect after the replacement is finished.

In fact, we are so confident about our workmanship that we offer a lifetime warranty on the quality of material and labour, guaranteeing you a stress free installation!

Whatever may be your requirement, do not hesitate to call us and get a no obligation quote for your glass replacements. If you are hard pressed for time, our mobile service team can even come across to your doorstep, so that you don’t have to postpone it anymore!

Come to Auto Glass Ontario …and get the most professional auto glass service in town!